pTools Version 8 V8

pTools V8 - Useable, Accessible, Powerful CMS for All!
pTools Version 8 (V8) is the latest release of pTools Web Content Management (WCM) software and represents a major new development across multi-channel open source content communications and delivery for our clients. pTools V8 uses Umbraco the world's leading Open Source .net WCM as part of the pTools .net platform to deliver Enterprise grade, Usability and Accessibility to our clients across all sectors including Government, Health, Communications and Financial Services in Ireland and internationally.
pTools Version 8
pTools V8 for Marketing Communications
builds on our deployments for clients including Heineken Ireland.
pTools V8 for Health
builds on our deployments for clients including HSE.
pTools V8 for Central & Local Government builds on our deployments for clients including Cork City Council
pTools V8 for Financial Services
builds on our deployments for clients in Financial Services including Irish Stock Exchange
pTools V8 works with key partners to deliver secure, automated, scalable, and useable solutions. Our integration with Umbraco represents a major new technology and business relationship and pTools will now be available in the Umbraco marketplace.
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pTools V8 is available in three editions:
pTools V8 Standard Edition is deployed for smaller and mid-sized single-site solutions
pTools V8 Enterprise Edition is deployed for larger scale 'enterprise' level solutions
pTools V8 Custom Edition is deployed for content driven Portals and Content Applications solutions
pTools V8 is packed new feature sets and is designed to future proof and automate content and communications including:
AI Driven Content Assist - Built-in WAI and GDPR Reporting - Hybrid Headless Architecture with Umbraco - Open Source .net Framework
pTools V8 also now includes an array of applications for everything from Forms to eCommerce, from Analytics to Marketing Automation.
pTools Version 8 Dashboard
pTools V8 deployments are driven by the proven pTools delivery process defined over more than a decade of client success. Our team from Project Managers to Designers and Developers are available to clients and are tasked with understanding, delivering and supporting web communications initiatives.
Clients & Partners
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